Genome Institute of Singapore

Genome Institute of Singapore

13 September: 10am, 11am


GIS Genotyping Facility
Come visit the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) to learn about how and why scientists study DNA. All living organisms have a store of genetic information that instructs their behaviour and features. In humans this is in the form of DNA, stored in the nucleus and called our genome. A person's genome is like an instruction manual. Each of our cells reads the relevant parts of the manual and is guided to behave accordingly, for example, whether to respond to high glucose levels and release insulin like a pancreatic cell or transmit signals like a nerve cell in the brain. Diseased cells like cancer cells have a genome too which is the result of mutation and distortions of the DNA sequence. On your tour of the GIS' Genotyping facility, we will show you how we interrogate and interpret differences in DNA sequence that make us individual and unique.

GIS Center for High-throughput Phenomics
The subtle differences in our DNA that make each of us unique can also manifest as lower or higher risk for certain diseases. Knowledge of this has made scientists move away from “one size fit all” treatment strategies towards personalized medicine strategies, treatments for the best possible outcome. At the Center for High-throughput Phenomics in GIS, we have developed methods to help guide evidence based clinical decisions. The best evidence of whether a drug will work for a patient is to test the drug on cells from the patient. During the tour, we will show you how we use state-of-the-art robotics and other technologies to enable research in personalized medicine.

*The 1-hour tour will include visiting of both facilities.