Singapore Immunology Network

Singapore Immunology Network

13 September: 11am, 12pm, 1pm


Lab #1
What is a Plasmodium life cycle? Come find out at Singapore Immunology Network’s (SIgN) Laboratory of Pathogen Immunobiology! Malaria remains one of the major global health problems, affecting mankind socially and economically. It is transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes carrying Plasmodium parasite. Scientists at SIgN study the immune responses involved in protection and immunopathogenesis against various Plasmodium parasites. This tour will allow science buffs to learn about the Plasmodium life cycle and how to identify the Plasmodium parasite using light microscopy!  

Lab #2
When was the last time you had an allergy? It could have been anything from a runny nose to something more serious. Allergies are surprisingly common in tropical Singapore, affecting nearly half of the population. What causes this high prevalence? Is it something you are born with or do you develop it over time? How does our lifestyle affect our allergies? Come to our lab tour on allergies at SIgN to find out more about why we have allergies and what our scientists are doing to help us fight allergies better.

Lab #3
Have you ever wondered how cells move and act within an organism? Maybe you watched “The Magic School Bus” when you were a child and always wondered what is it like to be on one of Ms Frizzle’s fieldtrip? Well now you can! We will bring you on board this “Magic School Bus” by exploring how cells move and behave in tissues like the skin, brain, bone marrow and muscle using a 2-photon microscope that does intravital live imaging. Furthermore, you will be able to have “X-ray” eyes for a day by visualizing an entire organ. This is done using a special technique called optical clearing, followed by illuminating the transparent organ using lasers from the light sheet microscope to study cell localization within them. So what are you waiting for, come hop on the “Magic School Bus” with us!

*The 1-hour tour will include all three labs.