Saving Mother Earth: Green Technology for Gaia

Saving Mother Earth: Green Technology for Gaia

13 September 2019

01:00PM - 01:45PM


INFUSE Theatre, Connexis South, Level 14

Film buffs may recall the science fiction thriller The Day After Tomorrow where a sudden onset of ice threatens to wipe out the entire human race.  A not-too-distant prophesy given the Earth’s vulnerability to climatic change, greenhouse emissions and rising sea levels.Join Dr Loh Xian Jun as he shares his newly invented materials for green technology. 

Get a glimpse of exciting cutting-edge applications like carbon capture and new biodegradables and how these can be integrated in the new circular economy. 



Dr Loh Xian Jun

Dr Loh Xian Jun

Senior Scientist, Head of Department
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR

Director (Graduate Affairs)
Science and Engineering Research Council, A*STAR

Dr Xian Jun Loh completed his education at the National University of Singapore. A pioneer in biodegradable thermogels, he developed these materials for various applications spanning industries as diverse as biomedical, engineering, cosmetics and food. He is a Fellow in Fitzwiliam College in the University of Cambridge and the Royal Society of Chemistry.