Engineering New Flavours and Fragrances with Zero Environmental Costs

Engineering New Flavours and Fragrances with Zero Environmental Costs

14 September 2019

12:00PM - 12:45PM


Genexis Theatre, Connexis Tower, Level 5

Most creameries today use synthetic vanilla extract because of the high costs of vanilla pods and inconsistent flavour across batches grown. Consumers can hardly taste the difference but this synthetic process discharges wastewater and chemical catalysts, leaving an environmental footprint.  

A*STAR scientists have found a way to utilise microorganisms to produce good smelling and interesting fragrances and flavours. Did you know that baker’s yeast and bacteria can conjure up that warm homey smell of mouth-watering apple pies baking in Grandma’s kitchen?

Join Dr Renata Pavlovic to discover how microorganisms play a key role in the fragrance and flavours that will revolutionise the food industry, allowing for the preservation of natural habitats and the lowest environmental footprint is left on our ecological system!



Dr Renata Pavlovic

Dr Renata Pavlovic

Research Fellow
Biotransformation Innovation Platform (Biotrans), A*STAR

Dr Renata Pavlovic has been working with microorganism including baker’s yeast for over 6 years. She holds a PhD in Biotechnology from Goethe University, Germany and makes use of it as a genome designer, fatty acid artist and fragrance creator. As part of A*STARs Biotransformation Innovation Platform (Biotrans), she focuses on discovering and improving synthesis of flavour compounds which can be used in food and cosmetic products. Dr Pavlovic aims to seize the opportunities biotechnology offers to leave the lowest environmental footprint possible.