Seeing Beyond the Naked Eye

Seeing Beyond the Naked Eye

14 September 2019

11:00AM - 11:45AM


Genexis Theatre, Connexis Tower, Level 5

As humans live longer, and the population ages, the healthcare systems of every country, including Singapore, will face significant challenges. Singapore is pumping in more money than ever on healthcare- the government’s healthcare expenditure exceeds $9b a year and will continue to rise faster than the country’s GDP, but raising spending at current rates is not sustainable.

Dr Chai Lean shares about how technological advances in bioimaging- with the development of sophisticated imaging tools- can help scientists answer biological questions. With that we can better identify how disease progresses, paving the way for early prevention, potential therapies and disease management. 



Dr Teoh Chai Lean

Dr Teoh Chai Lean

Research Fellow
Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC), A*STAR

Dr Teoh Chai Lean was born and raised in Malaysia. She moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2002 to receive training to become a scientist. After graduating from university with a doctorate degree in biochemistry & molecular biology, she decided to relocate to Singapore. Chai Lean has conducted research across different fields and disciplines: from biochemistry-biophysics to chemical biology. She is currently a staff at the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium at A*STAR. Outside the laboratory, she is curious about many things. She believes in living a dynamic, multi-faceted life that is beyond the label of her occupation for a fulfilling human experience.