Chill, Human! :  Robots and the Future of Manufacturing

Chill, Human! : Robots and the Future of Manufacturing

13 September 2019

03:00PM - 03:45PM


INFUSE Theatre, Connexis South, Level 14

Technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the human-robot interface are driving the use of robotics in manufacturing for teaching and programming purposes. Acting on human direction, robotic systems can be self-navigating; performing tasks in different locations of a manufacturing plant. These advancements result in increased precision, accuracy, speed and reliability and augurs well for the industry and economy.

Join Dr Lin Wei as he surveys the major trends shaping the future of manufacturing and the increased use of robotics to ameliorate menial or physically demanding human tasks.



Dr Lin Wei

Dr Lin Wei

Senior Scientist, Mechatronics
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), A*STAR

Dr Lin Wei is a Senior Scientist with the Mechatronics Group in SIMTech. His research focuses on robotics technologies for enabling automation of challenging manufacturing processes. He has led several major extramural-funded projects in the areas of robotics welding, composite structure inspection, nanoimprint platform, and intuitive robotic teaching for high-mix low-volume manufacturing. Dr Lin Wei is the lead of two SSG sponsored courses in PE WSQ Graduate Diploma in the areas of Industrial Automation and Mechatronics; Adjunct Research Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore and a co-director of the SIMTech-NUS Joint Lab on Industrial Robotics. He currently serves as the academic chair of the Singapore mirror committee of ISO/TC 299 on Robotics.