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High Energy Events

In conjunction with the annual Singapore Science Festival, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in high-energy activities when they visit the one-north Festival this year.

X-periment! @ one-north Festival is an exhibition and science carnival that celebrates the latest developments in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) research. Organised by Science Centre Singapore and A*STAR, X-periment! features interactive displays and science activities that allows free interaction with scientists and innovators in and beyond the one-north community.

From high energy science shows to engaging hands-on activities, there is definitely something exciting for everyone. Scroll down for some exciting highlights that we have in store for all visitors!

‘Wonder Changes the World’ Magical Science Show

The right question changes everything. Our next cure, our next technology, our next revolutionary change can come from a question that has never been asked before.

As a magician, Jason Latimer is the series champion of BBC One’s The Magicians, the recipient of Siegfried & Roy’s Masters of the Impossible Award, and was bestowed with magic’s highest honour, “Grand Prix ‘Best Overall’ World Champion of Magic.” As a scientist, Jason is the creator of “Impossible Science”, the academic platform uniting magic and science to inspire wonder in education. Jason is the Curator of Impossible Science of the iconic Fleet Science Center in San Diego, CA and his STEM programme has expanded to science centres throughout Southern California. Impossible Science labs, festivals, exhibitions, live shows, and digital series with Comic Con HQ have inspired hundreds of thousands of visitors to each embrace their ability to ask a question.

Today, Jason co-hosts Science Channel’s new series SciJinks with Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki and Mythbusters: The Search’s Tamara Robertson. Jason Latimer is not only changing education, he is on a mission to globally inspire wonder.

The Greatest Experiments in the World…. Ever!

Royal Institution (RI) has been obsessed with science experiments and demonstrations for the last 200 years. The institution discovered chemical elements, won Nobel prizes and blown a fair few things up along the way. From inventing the modern electric world, to using x-rays to see through atoms, RI has constantly been at the forefront of technological advances, using demonstrations to help everyone understand what’s going on. Join Science performer Natasha Simons and science communicator Sarah-Jane Judge, as we delve into this fire-filled past, pulling out RI’s most interesting, most loved and most explosive demonstrations as we search for the Greatest Experiment in the World… Ever!

Exploration of the Lungs and Digestive System  

Unlike other inflatables that you would normally see, X-periment!'s inflatables of the Lungs and Digestive System at this year’s one-north Festival embrace the strong educational component of discovery, as well as the fun aspects of learning about these vital organs in our body.

Kids and their families are invited to visit the activity tables and tour” these super-sized (and very bouncy) replicas) of these important vital organs. Walking through a detailed reproduction of the super-sized lungs and the inflatable reproduction of the digestive system, visitors will learn their important and unique functions; and how they aid in the digestion of the different foods we consume.

Science Explainers will be present to guide kids in their learning exploration. Visitors will walk away with a new found appreciation of the important and unique functions of these organs and an increased awareness of how to take better care of our own health.

Read more about X-periment! here.

Behave with Your Waste’ Show

In recent years, sustainability has become a hot topic as the increased volume of plastic waste has caused harm to our planet Earth. Our A*STAR scientist presents the ‘Behave with Your Waste’ show to share with audience the right behaviours in waste management and some new approaches to plastic recycling.

Magic Lab!

In this Magic Lab!, you will get to conduct 5 experiments, such as using household products to make cool colour changes, turning carbon dioxide into a solid, and recycling plastics! So don on your lab coat and goggles (provided) and start your journey as a scientist with us now!

IMDA’s Lab on Wheels: Immersive Media

The IMDA Lab on Wheels aims to familiarise and introduce frontier tech to the community to prepare them to be future ready digital citizens in a Smart Nation. Come discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Immersive Media are being used in various capacity across the many industries!

Experience the applications of tech and foresee how it can improve and change the way we work. Hop on to the Immersive Media themed bus to experience how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can impact the way we work, live, learn and play!

IMDA’s Lab on Wheels: Artificial Intelligence

The IMDA Lab on Wheels aims to familiarise and introduce frontier tech to the community to prepare them to be future ready digital citizens in a Smart Nation. Come discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Immersive Media are being used in various capacity across the many industries!

From the Chatbots that pop up while shopping online, to video recommendations on YouTube, AI is everywhere. Hop on-board our AI-themed bus for an exciting escape room experience! Learn more about AI as you race against the clock to solve challenges with the help of interactive AI exhibits.

Other Exciting Highlights Not to Be Missed

There are many other interesting activities that will take place around the main stage and surrounding environs of the Festival area. Gather your family and friends and take your time to discover these gems in and around one-north!