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Beautiful Science

Visualising the Beauty of Science through Art

As our world becomes increasingly advanced and complex, there is an undeniable need for us to better understand the science and technology that powers our lives and our society.

Images are a powerful medium for communicating and understanding science. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text – so visuals are extremely helpful for improving comprehension and retention of information!

The Beautiful Science competition and exhibition by A*STAR communicates how science influences our lives and spread awareness and understanding of our health, environment, work and daily habits. For the inaugural competition in 2018, the public and scientists were invited to portray the theme ‘Science and Me’ through a variety of microscope images, graphs, diagrams or photographs of science influencing our lives.

With a judging panel made up of professionals from ArtScience Museum, Science Centre Singapore, Singapore Press Holdings and A*STAR, a series of winning photos were selected and exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore and Fusionopolis.   

Top 2 Winning Images – Open Category

HDB in enchanted forest? It may seem magical but this is Bishan HDB estate surrounded by its greenery. Taken by a skilful cameraman utilizing composite infrared imaging technique, it captures the invisible wavelengths emitted by chlorophyll in the plant leaves during photosynthesis. Submit your entries at the next Beautiful Science competition and impress us!

Mr Finbarr Fallon


The use of Vanda Miss Joaquim as the centrepiece of the picture depicts the first of its use in understanding eczema patient’s skin using photoacoustic imaging (PAI) in Singapore.  PAI is an imaging technique where light of various wavelengths is shone onto a region of interest on a human body, inducing structural vibrations beneath the skin that produce ultrasonic waves, and using these waves to construct a three-dimensional visualisation of the skin structure. Different components of the skin produce unique ultrasonic frequencies that allow researchers to distinguish the various components in the skin.

Mr Douglas Goh Wenda, Prof Malini Olivo, Dr Bi Renzhe
“Vein”-Da Miss Joaquim


Beautiful Science by A*STAR has brought the public closer to appreciating the work of scientists and the role of science and technology in every facet of our lives.  The winning photographs and other mesmerising scientific images are housed at the Beautiful Science Gallery located at Innovis, one-north.