Seriously, Science?

With its myriad of technical terms, science and technology can be difficult to understand for those not immersed in scientific research and discourse. Science is more pervasive and interwoven  in our lives than we can ever imagine and from newspaper reports and social media alone, it is often hard to grasp the full picture on how our everyday lives are influenced by science; or why we need to be curious about the latest technological breakthroughs in the field.

Science communication shapes our world

With a network of scientists and researchers, science communication at A*STAR is never dull. Tapping on the voluminous amount of scientific knowledge, we are able to present science and technology in a manner that is easily accessible and understood; sparkling meaningful discussions that give science and technology a stronger presence in our society. Everyone benefits from science communication – the public becomes more aware of the research and innovations that enhance our daily lives, whilst scientists and researchers receive the recognition and funding they deserve. This leads to more ground-breaking research that can take place in Singapore and within A*STAR.

A*STAR’s Office of Science Communications and Archives, also known as OSCAR is the team that drives efforts to promote science outreach through its range of community engagement activities. OSCAR fosters engagement and dialogue between researchers and the public; through talks, festivals, workshops, community events and Science-Art exhibitions co-organised by like-minded partners.

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