Why Science Matters?

Does Science matter to you? If not, think again! Science has put us on the moon, discovered treatments for diseases and revolutionised how we communicate in the 21st century. It has done a lot for humankind. Science is embedded everywhere in our daily lives - from the clean water that we drink to the autonomous cars we drive. The world we now live in is powered by the understanding and impact of science and technology. Get inspired now!

Experience Science

  • one-north Festival

    one-north Festival

    The festival showcases fun interactive displays, inspiring talks, exhilarating science performances and behind-the-scenes tours in celebration of research, innovation, creativity and enterprise!

  • FusionWorld


    Visit FusionWorld for an accelerated journey of discovery and exploration on the latest futuristic science inventions and technology!

  • A*STAR: Inside the Innovation

    A*STAR: Inside the Innovation

    An upcoming brand new science and technology outreach programme to inspire!




Many of us will remember the tidal wave of Pokemon Go craze that swept across a couple of years ago. The Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game uses the GPS from mobile device to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures. Now, imagine if you could enhance the gaming experience with 3D holographic images? To read more of our scientists' stories, click here.



Diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease are on the rise, particularly in Asia. Recent research on food and lifestyle has looked at how Asian diets might be contributing to our rising obesity levels and what we can do about it. To view more of our science communicators' talks, click here.